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Reflections by artist Jason Kofke during Covid times - Produce : The Creative Compass Collective: George King, Rachel Pearl, Rachel
Junk DNA - Director: David Bartlett (Emmy nominee)   
The Last Toilet Roll - Director: KOUSHIK  
Spare Change - Director: Katherine Norland   
Better Forget - Director: Katherine Norland 
Tired But Grateful - Director: Katherine Norland  
Yamagata Cycling Tour (promotion) - Director: Naoto Yamakawa 
Shower of Hope (promotion) - Director: Vishal Solanki   
Institute For Religious Tolerance, Peace, and Justice - Director: Vishal Solanki
Oni Matsuri - Director: Nana Blank, Matthew Nguyen 
Freefall - Director: Wataru Sakata
Killer Title And Magic Words - Director: Naoto Yamakawa
Kono Onnano Kono Onna - Director: Ryuma Ota 

Naisu Desune - Director: Akira Takatsuki
Mahoroba - Director: Kengo Kaji 
Yukihime - Director: Naoto Yamakawa
Ame No Hi No Tsuki No Onna - Director: Naoto Yamakawa 
Hidarigishi He No Tabidachi - Director: Naoto Yamakawa 
Deflag - Director: Masumi Saitou 
Ba Chan No Pants - Director: Naoto Yamakawa 
Attack On The Bakery - Director: Naoto Yamakawa , The original story was written by Haruki Murakami / SkyPerfecTV! version
Keshigomu - Director: Naoto Yamakawa 
ORIHIME - Director: Masumi Saitou  
10 minutes - Director: Ryousuke Oosako 
Wine - Director: Ryousuke Oosako 
Odorokasanaideyo - Director: Naoto Yamakawa 
Crossrodes - Director: Ryouji Yoshimura 
Nishi No Sora Ni Kikoeru - Director: Satomi Suzuki 
Houkokusho - Director: Yoshitaka Kawahara


MASARU - Director: Ruben Navarro (BEST SHORT FILM at the Malaga Film Festival in Malaga, Spain)

FBI vs. MLK America's Book of Secrets / Season4 / Historic Channel

Appearance as a guitarist

Quarantine Music Chain with Kenny G producer: Imre Czomba 

People Are People Depeche Mode Cover by RISING VOICES  arranged and produced by Chris Wirsig 

Lights In The Forest V composer and producer: David Raiklen

Unity Official Quarantine Music Video producer: Steven Buckner

Lost Dream by Rohini 



Improvisation Comedy Shows of Jetzo (Chad Damiani and Juzo Yoshida) with Ronnie Adrian, Timm Sharp, Lilan and Wilder, etc

Lion Queen Sings / Abiodun Koya with Lily Popova

Hollywood Horrorfest Award Ceremony house band with Todd Hunter 

Boobs & Blood Award Ceremony house band with Sabine Pothier

Los Angeles Animation Festival Award Ceremony house band with Haeun You

Show Talent Talent Show Live Stream Performance

The Japan Foundation Los Angeles Music Monday online live stream


Expo 2010 Shanghai China -  "All Is Linked By Water " for Gifu Prefecture’s Promotion Day at Japanese Pavilion

Green Expo - of organic products as food, cosmetics

TV Commercials 

Milky Palette - Precure5 Go Go Series

Milky Mirror - Precure5 Go Go Series

Milky Note - Precure5 Go Go Series

Decora Jewelry - Precure5 Go Go Series

Colorful Beads Cooler - Precure5 Go Go Series

Cure StickFresh Precure Series

Flower TactHeart Catch Precure Series                      (All For Precure Series Toys for BANDAI Co., Ltd.)

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